Engine Cubic Inches 466.

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The Navistar DT engine family is a line of mid-range. 17.

Crankshaft Disassembly.


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B50 Engine Life 550,000 miles.

. ". Horsepower Up to 300 hp 2,200 rpm.

Engine Make International Engine Cubic Inches 466 Engine Model DT466E Engine Notes HEUI 175HP - 210HP 230HP (Std Torque) 933834 - 1194038 Other Notes HEUI (hydraulically actuated electronically activated unit injectors) YearSerial 933834 - 1194038 Fuel Diesel Cylinders 6 Bore 4. 68 in (116.

Engine Details & Torque Specs.


260" rods, crankshaft cast C3. 597.

. 11 Appendix A Dt 466 Performance Specifications 2004 593 Model Year.


Cylinders 6 Cylinders.

Anderson Tractor Supply.

Phone (419) 582-8033. USED DT360 INTERNATIONAL ENGINE WITH 190 HP, 1. The International MaxxForce DT engine still shares the same base design as the 466 and 466E.

Firing Ration-1-2-7-3-4-5-6-8. Engine Details & Torque Specs. Founded on a cast-iron. . The one nice thing about navistar going to the big bore engines is, any mechanical engine can easily be upgraded to a DT-530 by putting in the new big bore pistons and liners while still keeping the old long crank. The DTDTA 360s were available to 230HP and 720lb-ft Tq, very similar to the most common DTDTA466 ratings.


Find out how much to pay for a International DT466. As far as the lower HP levels go the only thing preventing you from taking a more powerful ECM and plugging it on to your lower HP engine would be injectors.

Navistar International manufactured DT466 is a 7.

6 L) OHV inline-6 turbochargednaturally aspirated 180 hp 210 hp International Harvester IDI 1983-1987 (6.

They went until 93 when the really good one came in.

Making 300 hp at 2,200 rpm and.