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See the PMG Bond and Stock Certificate article for more information.


Should You Submit Coins. Getting back a PCGS 10 coin submission Watch me throw away money. Note that ANACS is somewhat cheaper.

Use multiple submission forms as needed.

. What is a mass mailing program Bulk Shipping is ideal for authorized PCGS dealers, collectors and club members who want to send large quantities of coins at a discounted price. 50, 65 15, 66 25, circs (up to.

For PreScreen Bulk Submissions, the minimum number of coins per. Post by messydesk &187; Sat Jan 18, 2020 541 pm I'm at 60 coins, it should be full when two promised submissions show up next week.

The PCGS Bulk Submission program provides a low-cost way to have larger quantities of inexpensive coins graded and encapsulated.

Cost, not including fees and shipping, is 14- per coin if graded and 2- if not graded.

Completing a Bulk Submission is a simple process. No restriction on mix of dates.

How to Apply You must be an active PCGS Collectors Club member or PCGS Authorized Dealer to submit coins through the Bulk Submission program. (Costa Mesa, CA) - Stacks Bowers Galleries is proud to announce their June 2023 Showcase Auction, the official auction of the.

Below is a step-by-step guide to completing the PCGS submission form.
Additionally, all bulk submissions MUST be in Tubes or Sealed US Mint packaging.
Sep 27, 2022 What is the Bulk Submission Program Bulk Submissions are ideal for PCGS Authorized Dealers and Collectors Club members to submit a large volume of coins for a discounted fee.

Reminder that for non-bulk submissions, the maximum number of coins per submission form is 50.

Feb 22, 2016 What you see is what you get Regardless of what you submit.

. . If 60 or more coins meet your minimum acceptable grade, then those that do NOT meet that grade are returned at no charge.

If Less Than 60. . . Watch my video to learn step by step on how to submit coins to PCGS for grading. Click image to enlarge.


Direct the customer to the Bulk Eligibility Requirements - httpswww. .


Jan 29, 2022 The last 2021 submission is in QC at PCGS now, so here&39;s the official announcement for the first submission of 2022.

My fee is 6 plus shipping, PCGS's will depend on the grade they assign to the coins, which means I won't know total costs until grades are in.

(Costa Mesa, CA) - Stacks Bowers Galleries is proud to announce their June 2023 Showcase Auction, the official auction of the.